Here is not just a place for people who love the sun, it is also a fantastic place for trekking with beautiful views and gorges. Some of the sites you can visit in the area are: the Venice Castel, the Saint Nikita's church with ancient Greek mosaics, the gorges of Imvros , Kallikrati in the beautifule vellage and of course the famus gorge of Samaria. Frangocastello takes its name from the castle, which was built by the Venetians in 1371. It is located a few meters from the beach and served as protection against the pirates and the revolts of the locals. The Venetians called it Castel Franco. We recomend small trips to the most southern island of Europe Gavdos, the Monasties of Preveli, Plakia & Saint Roumeli. Wiht long white sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, the plain of Frangocastello with its olive-trees and the high mountains, offer a breathtaking view. Τavernas, mostly family businesses, ensure high quality food and a very pleasant time!